Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Everyone’s looking for the perfect search engine optimization strategy to get their website into the top search engines on page one. That simple organic search bump can be the determining factor for thousands of businesses trying to stand out and take their business to the next level. Below are some of the most powerful search engine optimization methods you’ll find online and the ways you should be putting them to use right now.

On Page Optimization

No search engine optimization strategy is as old and well tested as on-page optimization. It also happens to be one of the least useful listed here. Once upon a time, these methods would make all the difference. Today, it makes up maybe 15% of your total search engine ranking and Page Rank. However, if you do not use these methods, it can hurt your site significantly.

On page optimization includes keyword optimization, alt tags on your images, deep navigation, seo friendly links, title tags, and SEO friendly code.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another search engine optimization strategy that has been around for some time and is highly successful. Essentially, you will write articles with a single keyword focus and a link back to your website. You then upload those articles to article directories that post them for free in exchange for the link to your site.

Once an article is posted, it provides a back link to your site that the search engines pick up. Article marketing is not a one time process, however. You will need to continuously post new articles over time to maintain the SEO value of those links.

Trusted Site Back Linking

Article marketing generates back links, but if you want truly valuable back links, you need to find trusted sites. Trusted sites are those that Google holds in high regard. Anything that ends in .GOV or .EDU is a trusted site. Additionally, high level directories like DMOZ or Yahoo! are trusted sites, along with major forums or information resources.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is a search engine optimization strategy where you produce high quality content that will attract attention on its own. For example, if you had a dog training site, you could produce an article on the Top 101 dog behaviour problems. The article would be massive and take hours to write, but it would also be a powerful authority resource in the niche, drawing attention from many other websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a common tool today, though many marketers misuse it. The goal is to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to set yourself and your business up as an authority as well as a recognizable personality and brand that can be trusted for niche information. You need to provide constant, daily value that your readers can take away from it.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, like social media and link baiting, focused on drawing people to you. As a search engine optimization strategy, viral marketing is the least measurable, but can be the most effective. Examples of viral marketing include video productions for YouTube, sending out free reports, building squeeze pages, and giving away free software.

No single tactic is going to make the difference between a no-name site and the number one page in your niche. However, if you’re not using the strategies above in tandem, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity to get free traffic for your site. Search engine optimization strategy starts with a long term, detailed plan on how to get your site to the top. Use multiple strategies, test constantly, and adjust when necessary – only then will you find the free traffic you’ve been looking for.